Premiere Quest is a podcast about QUESTS.

Our first quest was to the world premiere of Pacific Rim 2 (seasons 1-4).

Our new quest is to record a season of our podcast on a houseboat in Africa.

However, we have been massively distracted by side quests and giving life couching to our listeners.



Barrel Bones has publicly vomited into a sink at an intimate gathering with friends and family.

Barrel needs to undertake a Side Quest to regain his honor.

1 prayer = 1 honor point

Please take a little time out of your day and give in a little to a man who desperately needs to regain honor by #prayforbarrelbones.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you Barrel

- Squire Heath (Premiere Quest ghost boy editor from the Middle Ages)

S5 E25 Life Advce Sully.PNG

This week we get ready to review INDIANA JONES by discussing other people's side quests.

S5 E23 The Mummy.jpg

This week we review the 1999 cult classic film 'the Mummy'.

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shoe wars (BAttle #2)

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