Premiere Quest Podcast

Who are we?

Just two hosts and many dreams. Based out of New Zealand, we explore the worlds of business, innovation, creativity and inspiration all in the vein of achieving various “quests”.

What services can premiere quest offer you?

Premiere Quest Podcast is at the forefront of Pacific Rim and House Boat Questing technology and has a range of services available for you, the listener:

Ghosts / equal opportunity employer

Premiere Quest believes in equality and has taken on a Ghost Editor Boy from the Middle Ages, Squire Heath, to take on the role of the editor for this podcast. Despite his angry and aggressive tone, he is one of the greatest editors from the last 800 years.

Business ideas

A good business generates good cash money, and Premiere Quest are at the forefront of pitching the most business ideas all episode, every episode. We have business ideas for every occasion:

  • Birthdays

  • Graduations

  • Funerals

  • Business events

  • Holidays

  • Easter

  • Christmas

 If you wish to invest in any of our business ideas, get in contact!


What if you put a tennis-ball-firing-machine on a rumba?

What if you could exchange one banana for one canon?

If you answered yes or no to any of the above, then we’ve got you covered. Invest in future technologies today and we can join Musk on Mars.

Movie reviews

Have you seen a movie? Have you not seen a movie? Don’t you worry, we’ve got both lots of you covered. We review movies that we have seen and we some that we haven’t seen and describe in detail all the aspects that you may have missed and don’t exist.

Relationship commentary

Do we, the people, talk enough to each other? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Either we can talk about it. And provide some amazingly un-insightful insights.


Portrait / landscape

Sometimes its hard in life to orientate yourself. We here at Premiere Quest at the world expert at determining if something is portrait or landscape. No longer have sleepless nights wondering if that giraffe was portrait or landscape, give us cash money, and we can help you out so you can catch some zzzzzz’s.



Premiere Quest is all about transparency. That’s why in our recordings you get all the ‘Off the record commentary’ for each episode. This is where the hosts think no-one can hear them, but Squire Heath insists in full transparency for the listener so you can hear what the hosts really think about things.


Contact details

Contact Premiere Quest at or on Instagram and Twitter with the below links: