Movie Mashies Menu - Our Inaugural Post

Kia ora Premiere Quest listeners,

Welcome to the blog section of Premiere Quest's all new website. This space will be used for a variety of purposes. These purposes range from those legitimately integral to our Quest to Africa, to those that are straight up nonsensical. This first post is more of the latter.

In episode 17 of season 5 (#africanhouseboat) we pitched the business idea for a movie snack company called ‘Movie Mashies’. The company would allow movie goers to bring any food to be mashed in with potato, thus creating the perfect movie going treat.

Richard stated in the episode “I'm a really big fan of salt and vinegar chips”. And with the invention of Movie Mashies Richard can now eat his chippies in perfect silence. This is what we do here at Premiere Quest; we innovate areas that other podcasts like the Joe Rogan Experience never dream of touching.

The entire idea of Movie Mashies is that it's a byo system, you bring a food and we mash it in with potato. To get your creative-culinary juices flowing here's the first ten mash-ups the PQ team made with our new machine:

  1. Smoked salmon, jalapenos, cream cheese, potato

  2. Eel meat, chives, kumara (sweet potato)

  3. Bread, potato, sugar

  4. Raw tuna, red wine, olive oil, tarragon, potato

  5. Muesli, milk, honey, potato

  6. A Burger King Whopper, onion rings, Coca-Cola and potato

  7. Cinnamon sticks, dry BBQ rub, raw pork*, potato

  8. Baby potatoes, adult potatoes

  9. A USB drive full of Premiere Quest's back catalog, potato

  10. Popcorn, skittles, movie ticket, maltesers, potato (easily our best combination).

Got any combinations you wanna try? Email us at or message us on Instagram.

*it should be noted the Premiere Quest team strongly advise against mashing and consuming raw pork.

Yours with love,

Premiere Quest