Season 1: The Beginning

Welcome to Premiere Quest Podcast! Join Richard and Luke for the first installments of their journey to the world premiere of Pacific Rim Uprising.

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season 1 teaser [listen first]

Hi Premiere Questers! this teaser is a place holder while we revamp and remaster season 1.

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s1 e1 - the premiere

In this episode the hosts describe the plot of the 2013 cult classic Pacific Rim and discuss their plans for the coming year.

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s1 e2 - live at the viaduct

In this episode the hosts are live down at Auckland's viaduct and boy is it going off.

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s1 e3 - trip to the float tank

In this episode the hosts find themselves spending hundreds of dollars at a float tank studio.

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s1 e4 - banana milk

In this episode the hosts drink an ungodly amount of banana milk in the name of science.