Season 2: The Morning

Welcome to Premiere Quest Podcast! Join Richard and Luke for season 2 of their journey to the premiere of Pacific Rim Uprising.

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season 2 teaser

Hands down the best Teaser we have ever done. Stay tuned for Season 2, episodes will uploaded weekly UNTIL THE PREMIERE OF PACIFIC RIM UPRISING!

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s2 e1 - what… is a jaeger?

Season 2 is all about the sequel. Today the boys discuss the first teaser for Pacific Rim Uprising.

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s2 e2 - the testing experimentisode

Join Richard and Luke on the very first of their 'experimentisodes'. With these episodes the lads push the boundaries of podcast content further than even Marshal Stanker Pentecost would be comfortable with.

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s2 e3 - introducing squire heath the editing boy

Join Richard and Luke on the 12th episode of their journey to the premiere of Pacific Rim Uprising.

In this episode we meet Squire Heath, the team's editing boy.

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s2 e4 - the top 100 kaiju names [experimentisode]

This episode is the 2nd in the now infamous "Experimentisode" series.

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s2 e5 - director deknight & a pool full of jaegers

In this episode the boys thank Stephen S. DeKnight, discuss the start of their social media campaign, answer some fan questions and analyze the metal detective from original Pacific Rim movie.

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s2 e6 - a guided kaiju meditation [experimentisode]

In this week's experimentisode the hosts take you through a guided meditation - with mixed results.

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s2 e7 - uprising posters // banana vs. hammer

We discuss posters for the upcoming movie and settle the age old debate of who would win; banana vs. hammer.

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s2 e8 - pacific rim uprising trailer (part 1)

This episode is all about the first trailer for Pacific Rim Uprising:

If you're enjoying these episodes please share the podcast with both your friends and enemies, we'd really appreciate it.

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s2 e9 - pacific rim uprising trailer (part 2)

This is the second part in a two part special on the trailer of Pacific Rim Uprising: