Quest #2: Side Quests and Life Advice

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S5 E31 Hot Sauce.PNG

This week we discuss the creation of a limited edition 'Premiere Quest' hot sauce by the wonderful @scovillenewsnetwork

S5 E30 Java 2.PNG

This week the hosts discuss their burgeoning coffee (java) empire.

S5 E29 Java 1.PNG

This week the hosts discuss their burgeoning coffee (java) empire.

S5 E28 Graham.PNG

S5 E28 - Luke Hires an Actor to Play Richard

This week Luke is unable to contact Richard, and decides to hire an actor from

S5 E27 National Treasure.PNG

This week we provide the world's greatest review of Nic Cage's cult classic film NATIONAL TREASURE.

S5 E26 Indiana Jones.PNG

This week we provide the world's greatest review of INDIANA JONES AND THE RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK.

This week we get ready to review INDIANA JONES by discussing other people's side quests.

S5 E23 The Mummy.jpg

This week we review the 1999 cult classic film 'the Mummy'.

S5 E23 toilet.png

Richard is building a techno-guitar and Luke is becoming a hypnotist.

That being said, this week we take to life coaching, teaching people how to: drink coffee, bait a fishing rod and much more.

S5 E22.PNG

Richard is building a techno-guitar and Luke is becoming a hypnotist.

That being said, this week we teach our listener Smerve Lartin how to give a speech at a Christmas function.

This week we discuss other people's side quests in Life. We have; a man wanting to regain his honour, a lady addicted to The Office, a kumara addict and much, much more.

S5 E20 illusion.PNG

In our latest episode we talk all about the risks of our side quests, hypnosis and guitar building.

s5 e19 side quests.PNG

This week we admit that it's time we talked about something new. Welcome to the 'side quests', where each host tackles a hot new quest every few weeks.

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-15 at 18.52.56.jpeg

This week we finally discuss the AT HOP card. What a moment. Enjoy.

And don’t forget to enter the competition to win your very own AT HOP card!

s5e17 movei zone.PNG

S5 E17 - Movie Zone

NEW EPISODE online. We take a leaf from the book of @thethreefriendspodcast and talk movies in an episode titled 'Movie Zone'. One of those movies is 'the Meg'.

failed house boat.png

s5 e16 - how how to plan a world trip

This week we discuss Kitchen Nightmares and attempt to plan our trip using WikiHow for inspiration…. it doesn’t go well….

Japan 2.PNG

s5 e15 - tokyo, japan

This week we discuss Tokyo, Japan.

If you enjoy the episode please send us protein, we're starving.

Blair Barclay.PNG

S5 E14 - interview with a famous photographer / houseboat enthusiast

This week we interview Blair Barclay, New Zealand famous photographer and houseboat enthusiast. Please check out his website.

James and The Giant Peach.PNG

s5 e13 - james & the giant peach - a houseboat investigation

This week a US based listener asked us to consider 'James and the Giant Peach'. Shout out to Tim 'the Toe Shoe Man' Taylor for the suggestion.

If you enjoy the episode, capture and eel and whistle our praise into its ear-hole.

Godzilla 3.PNG

s5 e12 - godzilla king of the monsters - trailer revelations

Each week we tackle something new related to our quest. This week we take on the Godzilla King of the Monsters trailer.

If you enjoy the episode, send a fax to your Queen and let her know.

Man Listening With Headphones.PNG

s5 e11 - skyscraper, scam fans, fake animals & bidets

This week we give the world’s worst review of the film ‘Skyscraper’ and Richard knocks ‘news of the week’ out of the park.

If you like us, tell a friend while they’re in the shower.

Shoe Wars.PNG

s5 e10 - shoe wars (battle #1)

This episode is the first in a series called 'shoe wars'. By the end of the series we'll have around 10 pairs of shoes for listeners to vote on. We'll buy the winning pair regardless of the result and wear them as much as possible on the houseboat.

Head to our Instagram @premierequest to see the shoes. Comment or DM us your favorite.

People by Pool.PNG

s5 e9 - mamma mia 2: here we go (houseboating) again

This week we talk: the New Zealand premiere of Mamma Mia 2, a time traveler named Noah and a urination device called 'the slizzard'.

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Man Reading Book.PNG

s5 e8 - the world record review episode

This week we talk stomach issues, houseboat news and houseboat disasters. We also SET A (unconfirmed) WORLD RECORD FOR THE NUMBER OF CRITICAL REVIEWS IN A SINGLE PODCAST EPISODE (49).

If you like us, tell your nearest friend over a cold brew coffee.

Polar Bear.PNG

s5 e7 - hardcore travel review of mexico city & new orleans’ houseboat

In this episode we discuss the canal boats of Mexico City, the air boats of the Louisiana swamp, boats made of monkeys and finally the intricacies of elephant houseboats.


s5 e6 - luke has gone missing (feat. INTER-DIMENSIONAL travel) [experimentisode]

The current quest is to travel to somewhere in Africa and record a season on a houseboat.

HOWEVER... one of the hosts, Luke, has gone missing. Join Richard as he quests to find Luke in another dimension.

Vanessa Carlton.PNG

s5 e5 - we read the ‘a thousand miles’ lyrics 7.2 times

In this episode we make the distance between South Africa and New Zealand more tangible. If you love 2002 pop hits you’ll love this episode.

Houseboat Engagement.PNG

s5 e4 - how to fund a trip to africa [the proposal] (part 2 of 2)

Kia ora and welcome to Premiere Quest, a comedy podcast with the current goal of building and sailing a houseboat in Africa.

Rachel Drawing.PNG

s5 e3 - how to fund a trip t africa (part 1 of 2)

This episode is all about how we're gonna fund our new quest.


s5 e2 - KICK-STARTING a house boat

This week we talk: intro music, kickstarter, houseboat related crowd funding and of course boats of the week.

Premiere Quest African Houseboat.PNG

s5 e1 - it began in premiere quest

In this episode PQ lands on a new mission: to travel to Africa and record a season of the podcast on a houseboat.

Over the next year PQ will upload weekly episodes detailing preparation for our journey to Africa. Be sure to subscribe and follow our journey.